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The 2022 Flock & Fiber Festival ILR Llama Show held the 15th and 16th of October in ALBANY, Oregon, is _almost_ in the books.

Thanks for joining us in Albany! It was so good to see everyone in person! Thanks to everyone who pitched in the make the show run. Special thanks to the show desk - Shawn Bussey, Joannie, Mike, and Elise for getting performance runs totaled, results recorded and ribbons handed out. I can't tell you how important the show desk is and I am very grateful for their work.

A huge "Thank You!" to Peggy Gresham for taking over the administration of the fleece show! This is such a relief as I can focus on what is going on in the show ring and Peggy takes care of ALL the fleece stuff.

Thanks to Debby Gremmels - she did a number of things including taking on the silent auction and working with the hotel to get a block of rooms for llama exhibitors at a discount and a comped room for the Bakers. The show still paid for Gogi's room but it was at a reduced rate. That work saved the show at least $500!

Thanks to Niki Kuklenski for rounding up volunteers for set up. The set up crew included Roy, Holly, Debby, John, Julie, Bonnie, Kendara, Nicole, Pam, Meghan, Nancy, Niki and Jeff. The crew also checked the barn on Sunday night. Thanks to the set up/tear down crew! The great news is that the stalls were clean - Thank you, Thank you to all exhibitors!

We had a good turn-out of youth and adult performance competitors. Thanks to Kirk Gresham and Jeff Kuklenski for putting together courses that challenged our competitors. Thanks to Nathaniel as well - he helped with the desk and moving around obstacles and whatever else was needed.

Thanks to the judges for their work at the show! Gogi Villanueva from Medford for judging bagged fleece and fleece-on. Maryan and Wally Baker (Rancho Mirage, CA) put in a long day on performance day and then had an easier day on Sunday with halter classes.

11 November 2022 UPDATE:

At the start of the show, there were 8-10 animals that entered the show and had ILR registrations pending. These animals were scattered across both performance and halter. I have been in contact with the ILR office and I told them I wanted to enter results _once_. That is, I don't want to enter most of the animals and then go back sometime later and track down the animals with newly assigned numbers. I did get an update on one set of registrations (but no numbers), and the other set is still waiting. After multiple e-mails asking about the second set, there is not even an update.

15 December update

Earlier this week I found new registration numbers in my herd list. I have not seen the paper copy of the registration but I entered the performance and halter results, and Peggy finished the fleece results as well. I sent Susan in the ILR office a note with some issues that I could not fix in Show Manager today and asked that after those changes were made to make the OFFF results visible for everyone.

Thank you for your patience as we wait on the ILR office. Have a marvelous holiday season and a great New Year!


As always, my thanks to Brandy Chastain, the Festival Chair, and the OFFF Board for their support of our show and the Best of Show Diamond Awards. You all are great to work with and thanks for including the llamas in the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival!


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